Hi! I’m Alice.  
And I do way more than just cook.

It’s just an excuse to bring people together, really. A chance to share knowledge and tell tales; to pass ideas along a kitchen bench or a dining room table. It’s about transferring those ideas and passions on to the next generation; About cultivating curiosity.

Cooking is really just my way of saying ‘Hi, let’s be friends!’

Since competing in Masterchef Australia in 2012, I’ve had the opportunity to take my meals and musings to a massive international audience. As a result, I’ve left my life as a School Teacher behind to become a Life Teacher. I’m ready to bring my message of edible adventures and make-your-own magic to people (especially little people) across the country – and hopefully the globe – through writing, talking, cooking and above all, eating.

It’s my mission to draw on what I’ve learnt from my travels, chance encounters and experiences around the world; to say ‘yes!’ to as many opportunities that come my way as possible; to continue learning and never stop.

Some people think I’m a little nuts. And it’s true, I guess. I am a little nuts — about a lot of things. Like reading books and playing with words and laughing often; and, above all, about living life with gusto.

I’m also pretty nuts about food, believe it or not. Which, I suppose, is probably why you’re here. But a meal isn’t simply a meal, you see; it’s just the beginning.

I believe that being passionate and interested and slightly obsessed is the secret to living a joyful, fulfilled and interesting life.

Which is why I want everyone else to be a little nuts, too.

Current projects.

01. Alice's Food A-Z

02. Edible Adventures

03. Kitchen Whiz

  1. 01. Alice's Food A-Z

    If I'm not out and about meeting you and making you laugh (also, maybe food) I'm busy putting the finishing touches to my first tome, a fun food reference book for kids, comin' atcha April 2015 through Walker Books.

    Pre-order "Alice's Food A-Z"


  2. 02. Edible Adventures

    As face of Prahran Market and official 'Adventurer-in-Residence', I get to share all of my favourite foodie finds with fellow market fans and newbies alike through weekly posts and monthly #chefchallenges with some of Melbourne's top chefs.

    Check out this week's adventure


  3. 03. Kitchen Whiz

    Hosting Kitchen Whiz is an absolute hoot! It's the perfect blend of two of my favourite things in life – food and learning.

    Tune in every Weekday Morning at 7:30AM on Channel Go! for more fun, food & fluoro than you ever thought possible -

    Click here for full episodes of K-Dub


Press Here.

01. Iron Chef coming to Aus

02. Khachapuri

03. all your favourites in one place

04. Vintage Flair Wedding in Melbourne

05. Taste of Melbourne 2014

06. Oaks Day

  1. 01. Iron Chef coming to Aus


    Share Broadsheet Melbourne, 8 Jan 2015 Full Article Here

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  2. 02. Khachapuri


    Share Monday Morning Cooking Club: The Feast Goes On Purchase Your Copy Here

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  3. 03. all your favourites in one place

    gourmet insty

    Share Gourmet Escape, 21-23 Nov 2014 More Details Here

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  4. 04. Vintage Flair Wedding in Melbourne


    Share Style Me Pretty, 20 Nov 2014 Full Album Here

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  5. 05. Taste of Melbourne 2014

    Processed with VSCOcam

    Share Jessica’s All Good Things, 18 Nov 2014 Full Article Here

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  6. 06. Oaks Day


    Share Cindy Siegemund – Makeup Artist, 12 Nov 2014 Full Piece Here

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  1. 01. Taste of Sydney

    When I was invited to reprise my role as host of the Taste Kitchen @ Taste of Sydney 2014, I was pretty darn excited.

    The Taste Kitchen presents everything that I enjoy about my job: working with talented chefs, learning new tips and tricks about food, eating said food, and of course, making people laugh.
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  2. 02. Ginger is Coming

    It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones, so, with Season 4 hitting our screens this week, I thought I’d take geeking out to a whole new level, and combine this fandom with my food-dom even further.

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